Complex Exclusive: Black Scale x A$AP Rocky Full Collection and Interview

The SF-based label teams up with the Harlem rapper.

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T-Shirts run for $36; Crewneck Sweater for $88; Pullover Hood Fleece for $128; New Era Snapback for $55; Bandanas for $25
Available on BLVCK SCVLE in March. 

Complex's February/March cover star A$AP Rocky has been getting a lot of press while touring in the U.S. and Canada, but that doesn't stop the 23-year-old rapper from pursuing other interests. The Harlem rapper is vocal about keeping his fashion game on point, so it's only natural for him to team up with a brand he loves and has a deep respect for, San Francisco-based BLVCK SCVLE. We caught up with co-owners Mega and Alfred to find out how the project got started.

So the capsule collection was inspired by A$AP Rocky. Tell us more how he influenced the aesthetic of the collection.

Alfred: Rocky has been a fan of Black Scale since before we actually met. It just so happened that I was working the sales floor the day he decided to come in and purchase items for his video shoot for "Purple Swag." He had a great energy and was a genuinely nice guy. The video dropped and the relationship continued to grow organically. The response was so overwhelming that it made sense to do a collabo. The design influences were taken from what the A$AP crew liked about Black Scale. I tried to integrate all the aesthetics that drew the crew to the brand, always keeping in mind that they should look good in it when they wear it.

What is your collaborative design process like since you and Mega were HUF alums before you became business partners? 

Alfred: Mega and I were friends before working at HUF together. We actually started the brand in '07 while still working for HUF. We were very fortunate to work for HUF and [Keith Hufnagel] always supported our vision. Today, Mega and I live on opposite sides of the country so the design process is through e-mail and webcam. The vision and aesthetic are very clear to me and Mega so generally we are on the same page, not to say we don't ever have to go back and forth on revisions. If you follow Black Scale, you will see that we strive for consistency.

Now that you have three locations (New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco), are there any other spots you're looking to open up?

Mega: I would like to open Hawaii and Chicago one day for sure, but in all honesty, I would like a Black Scale store in every major city in America. 

Any future plans in the works?

Mega: This year is our fourth year in business going into our fifth, and 5 is our lucky number. That being said, everything happens for a reason and we are very fortunate to have the collaborations we have coming in 2012. I can't really speak of the future collabos we have, but they are probably the best collabos we have ever done because they are with companies we always wanted to work with but had to wait for the perfect time and of course growth in our company.



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