This "Basic Dude" Staple Just Got a Co-Sign From Obama

Barack Obama dresses like a man of the people.

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Not even the White House is safe from “bro” fashion.

During the annual Easter Egg Roll today, President Barack Obama entertained thousands of kids with, what appeared to be, a very lively reading of Where the Wild Things Are. Obama’s expressions were enthusiastic to say the least, but what really had everyone talking was his decision to rock the ever-popular J. Crew gingham shirt. You know what we’re talking about: It’s a favorite among preppy dudes everywhere, so much so that there’s even an Instagram account dedicated to its popularity.

Though the shirt is basic and definitely boring, it's not the worst style move we've seen from an elected official.

Hey, at least Obama is dressing like a man of the people. 

Barack and Michelle Obama Are Having the Most Fun at Their Last Easter Egg Roll #UniteBlue

— Brook Bufa (@jupiter896) March 28, 2016


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