There Is Now an Exhibit Dedicated to Bootleg Goods

"The Counterfeit Crimes: Are You Part of the Black Market"? exhibit debuted last week in the Crime Museum.

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Well, there is now an exhibit dedicated to fake goods. 

The Counterfeit Crimes: Are You Part of the Black Market"? exhibit debuted last week in the Crime Museum in Washington, D.C., and will be showcased there for the next five years. 

Brands such as Coach, TimberlandUggs, Microsoft, Oakley, and more are placed next to knock-offs. The objective is to make people realize they're funding illegal transactions and, thus, make them think twice before they make any purchase of bootleg goods. 

According to International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition president Bob Barchiesi, counterfeits cost U.S. companies across all industries an estimated $250 billion annually, while the estimate worldwide is $650 billion. 

Find out more about "Counterfeit Crimes: Are You Part of the Black Market?" here

The exhibit might make you feel guilty about your frugal ways if you've bought knock-offs in the past. If not that, you'll at least be amazed at how ridiculous, or incredibly spot on, these bootlegs look. 

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