Someone Held a "Fake Banksy" Art Sale in Central Park That Sold Out in One Hour

Ironically, the fake pieces had better sales than the real ones.

Image via YouTube

The Banksy madness over his "Better Outside Than In" New York residency continues. After selling only eight pieces (unannounced, of course) in Central Park, as hundreds of people walked by without noticing, artists Dave Cicirelli and Lance Pilgrim were inspired to stage their own "Fake Banksy" sale.

The catch is that there is no catch. As you can see in the video below, they sold their fake pieces with notarized "certificates of inauthenticity." Since Banksy's the name on the streets these days, and many people were probably hoping that the pieces were actually real, all of them sold out.

Funny enough, Cicirelli told AnimalNewYork that he's going to use the money to buy a Banksy.

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[via AnimalNewYork]

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