Young Thug's Stylist Says the Rapper Used to Shop at the Kids' Section

Young Thug's stylist talks about the rapper's IDGAF style.

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Young Thug's music isn't the only arena the rapper puts his unique brand of creativity into. Thugger has been gaining equal amounts of admirers and detractors for his style since day one, whether he's wearing a dress, nail polish, or a specially-made 3M poncho. In an interview with Pitchfork the rapper's stylist, Joanna "JoJo" Zarur, talks about how she custom makes his outfits and reveals that Thugger, who DGAF about what other people think about his style, used to shop in the kids' section.

Zazur says Young Thug's style has changed a lot since she began dressing him. "He would go to the kid’s section and buy a kid’s dress," Zazur tells Pitchfork. Nowadays, Zazur makes many of the pieces of herself. "He told me, 'I only feel comfortable with really tight pants,'" she says. "I will go buy him a pair of men’s pants, and I cut and sew them to a women’s fit." She has made pieces for Thug by mixing together a dress with a men's shirt, transforming a backpack into a jacket, and creating a stylish fur coat from something she bought at a costume store. 

Thug's divisive style is also all purposeful and Thugger embraces the hate, Zazur says. "Sometimes he’ll do stuff on purpose that he knows will piss people off," she says. "If people start talking shit about his nails being red, he’ll put crystals on the nails. Talk about his jeans, he’s like, 'I want tighter jeans.' He goes out of his way to make sure people know he doesn’t care." 

We'd expect nothing less from the rapper who has appeared in the pages of the revered CR Fashion BookYou can read the whole interview here

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