Meet Yoon, the Designer Who Starred in A$AP Rocky's "L$D" Video

Yoon, who co-starred in an A$AP Rocky video, talks style and her jewelry line.

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For the "L$D" music video, A$AP Rocky tapped Yoon, a designer for the jewelry line Ambush as well as a DJ, to co-star alongside him. The Tokyo-based designer has been a favorite of people in the know, like Pharrell, for some time now, and she spoke with i-D about guys with great style and how her role in Rocky's video came about. 

Yoon recounts being hesitant at first to agree to star in the "L$D" video, and she still hadn't made up her mind while driving with Rocky to a recording studio in Tokyo."I told him 'like are you sure 'cause I can still introduce you to models and actress, people who can actually act in a music video' and he said 'no I want like a real person to be in it', so I said yes and we went to the studio and he played the music, and it was completely different than what I expected," she told i-D. "It was beautiful, it was like a movie soundtrack. After that it was easy." She also adds that Rocky was a talented actor. "A lot of things were one take but it looked so incredible in the final edit," she explains. "He is a natural actor."

The designer also proved that sometimes the most obvious answer is also the correct one when asked about the most stylish people. "I think Pharrell [Williams], for a guy, it's not because he just won the CFDA or anything, it's that he's like not so bothered by trends," she says. "He is so free in that sense, it just takes a lot of strength to be yourself and just wear and enjoy clothes." For women, Yoon gives the nod to Complex cover star Zoë Kravitz.

Yoon's jewelry line is very unique and her diverse list of favorite designers reflects that. Phoebe Philo of Céline, Kim Jones, currently the head men's designer with Louis Vuitton, and Rei Kawakubo rank among her favorites. "It's not just the clothes," she says of Kawakubo. "The way she designs everything, her business model, it's something I really look up to."

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