Women Are Bizarrely Dyeing Their Armpit Hair Very Bright Colors

Women are dyeing their armpit hair insanely bright colors as a feminist power move.

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In shocking hair trend news, we finally have something that can compete with the pubic hair transplants going down in North Korea. Women are dyeing their armpit hair very bright colors, like neon pink, purple, blue, and green, and the results are disarming, to say the least.

The trend is a result of women trying to reclaim a part of their bodies that have forever been looked down upon as unattractive. One blogger involved in the movement said, "There’s all kinds of beauty standards and all of them are influenced by a patriarchal society, obviously. I think that by me growing out my armpit hair I’m challenging that." 

This is a strange trend, no doubt. But maybe dudes should not be too quick to judge. After all, it was just earlier this year that guys in NYC were so desperate for facial hair they were shelling out $7,000 for beard transplants.



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