This Website Will Tell You Where Models Are Partying in Your City

This site filters through social media feeds to find where all the hot models are partying in select cities.

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A site that goes by the straightforward name of Where Models Party will probably be a godsend for eligible bachelors looking for a good-looking companion. 

The site uses tagged Instagram and Twitter posts from models all over the country to find out where the action is happening in certain cities, including Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, and New York in the near future. The stream of Instagram photos on the website aren't uploaded instantaneously, so the site works more as a guide for where to meet models, and, thankfully, less as an enabler for people to stalk specific individuals. 

Check the website out here, because even though it probably won't turn you into Leonardo DiCaprio, it can at least up your game a little. 

[via Elite Daily]

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