Making 20/20 Look Bad: Warby Parker Unveils Eight New Shapes for Spring

Warby Parker introduces eight new frames and six new colors for Spring 2015 that will make four eyes the envy of everyone.

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Warby Parker has released its Spring 2015 collection with eight new shapes and six new colors that will make you want to sabotage your next eye exam. WP's woodsy Fall 2014 collection set the tone for seasonally-themed collections, and for Spring 2015 the eyewear company designed glasses that will fit right in at the beach.

The new colors used in the collection were each inspired by an aspect of the beach. There's plenty of oceanic blues, frames tinted with a titanium that takes after an anchor, sandy spectacles, and jellyfish-inspired tortoise patterns. The season's shapes are all classic, but have modern updates that when paired with one of WP's new coats of paints will having you feeling fresh heading into spring. 

The entire collection is available on Warby Parker's website now. 



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