Virgil Abloh Discusses His New Off-White Installation in Copenhagen

Virgil Abloh discusses the inspiration behind his Off-White installation.

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Virgil Abloh unveiled a project entitled "Don't Look Down" for his brand Off-White at the The Copenhagen International Fashion Fair. The installation is inspired by Off-White's recent Fall/Winter 2015 collection, and even includes those hiking boots we are drooling over. Abloh spoke with i-D about the installation, and his concept of clothing. 

Abloh explains that "Don't Look Down" is "an opportunity to explain my inspiration instead of just making clothes from my inspiration." He also delves into the very literal and figurative inspiration of climbing baked into the collection. "One look is a mannequin hanging from the ceiling; it's almost dangling on purpose in the clothes from the collection... There's the whole mood of falling, the name of the collection is 'Don't Look Down,' so it's all about the willpower to climb, but the collection also delves into the willpower to succeed in an urban context."

Expressing his collection in this artistic environment was important to Abloh because he's "not really into the commerce of clothes." He notes, "I don't do it for the business; I don't even look at the numbers. I just do it for the ideas sake."

You can check out more images of the installation below via Abloh's Instagram page—which promises another one of these exhibits soon—and read the whole interview here.









[via i-D]

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