Virgil Abloh Curates a Selection of Artwork That Influences His Own Designs

Virgil Abloh has curated an art auction for Paddle8.

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Virgil Abloh has partnered with online auction house Paddle8 to curate a selection of artworks that give you a sense of the do-it-all creative's exquisite taste.

The creative director, Off-White founder, LVHM prize finalist, and DJ put together a section of nine works that mirror the types of objects he uses as reference points for his own designs. "The expression of the design or painting, and how it makes me feel, that’s my litmus test," he tells Paddle8. "The items we put together speak to my personal sensibility in terms of artistic expression, everything from a painting to a credenza. Purity in design resonates within me, to my core."

The works Abloh featured in his collection, entitled "You Sure," includes an eclectic mix of both objects and art pieces. There's an Alexandre Noll bowl, a lamp designed by Pierre Gauriche, and a Louis Vuitton special-edition jewelry box. These objects are mixed in alongside art such as 12 Truisms (The End of the USA) by Jenny Holzer and The Unfathomable Distance of Proximity by Charming Baker. 

"It represents my background, which was primarily focused in modern architecture, spanning to the culture of my youth, the basis of which was streetwear, skateboarding, and graffiti," Abloh says of the selection. "My mission statement for curating this was finding where those two worlds met: very refined and strict, coming from a Bauhaus mentality, but with loud graphics or paintings that are expressive."

Browse the entire selection curated by Abloh here.


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