Vetements' Snoop Dogg T-Shirt Will Set You Back Almost $1,000

The label's latest pop culture-inspired creation will set you back almost a grand.

Image via SV Moscow

Vetements can sell people a DHL shirt for over $300 and has created Star Wars-inspired clothing in the past. The label's latest pop culture-inspired creation is almost an exact replica of old Snoop Dogg merch and because its Vetements it, of course, carries the jaw-dropping pricetag of $924. 

Twitter user with the handle Fourty8XL discovered the similarity on Twitter and posted a side-by-side. 

As Chad says, the shirt on the left was merchandise created by Death Row Merchandise in 1993. The right is a new Vetements T-shirt. They both feature the same photograph that was taken by Dan Winters during a VIBE cover shoot in 1993. Death Row liked the photos so much they used some of the outtakes for album outwork and promotional materials, like this tee. 

The two tees are incredibly similar, but we can't imagine anyone was shelling out almost a grand for a Snoop Dogg tee in the early '90s. The reason for the massive price inflation is explained by a writer for Riccardi Boston, one of the stores stocking the T-shirt. "Demna [Vetements' designer] pays for licensing to be able to use any image or logo before a garment is produced," she writes on Twitter. "Reasons why the price point is high!" 

And because this is Vetements, this shirt is almost guaranteed to sell out and become a fixture at the next fashion week — if people can even get their hands on the purposefully-limited stock

You can pre-order the tee at SVMoscow.


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