Uniqlo Is Bringing Back Select Pieces From Its Highly Successful +J Collaboration With Jil Sander

Uniqlo is bringing back select pieces from +J, its legendary collaboration with Jil Sander.

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Uniqlo has something huge planned for October.

The Japanese brand is brining back pieces from +J, its highly successful collaboration with Jil Sander. A Uniqlo spokesperson confirmed that Sander is not involved in the re-release. 

Uniqlo will reissue select pieces—27 for men and 15 for women—designed over five seasons, beginning with the Fall/Winter 2009 collection. These will include the button-down shirt, wool sweaters and coats, down jackets, and parkas.

The +J collection was revered for the way the pieces could help create a uniform for any individual—Sander's main goal when designing the pieces—and each of the items being reissued are essential building blocks for anyone's closet. Although they are basic garments, the strength of the collection is in its precise tailoring, unique textiles, and contemporary silhouettes.

The collection is set to launch in 15 markets globally, starting in Philadelphia on Oct. 3, then making its way to stores in New York, New Jersey, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Boston on Oct. 10.

Uniqlo is giving you another chance to grab pieces from this incredible collection, so mark the dates on your calendar. 





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