Here's a Closer Look at Rick Owens' Installation at Selfridges

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Last week, we previewed The World of Rick Owens, the designer’s installation concept for UK department store Selfridges. The installation, which includes four window displays, and a massive statue of Owens, officially opened yesterday and exceeded all expectations.

The four window displays heavily feature one of Owens most constant sources of inspiration: Richard Strauss’ opera “Salome.” One window prominently features a woman, as Owens describes her, “vomiting black blood” with “glowing eyes.” On the woman’s forehead is a screen that plays Alla Nazimova’s silent film adaption of Salome. Another window merely features stairs that lead to nowhere shrouded by a fog machine. Looking over the installation is a massive statue by Doug Jennings modeled after Owens holding a flaming torch. The statue, an accurate portrayal of Owens down to his ponytail, sits atop the main entrance of Selfridges' Oxford Street location. 

The furniture inside the concept store is equally eerie. Owens and his wife, Michele Lamy, who helped Owens craft the store, included what they call “tomb benches,” which are large lounge chairs carved out of French elm and fitted with antlers. The tomb benches sit next to unique art pieces by Georges Hoentschel, scented candles by Diptyque, and an exclusive capsule collection designed specifically for the event.

Credit is due to Selfridges, who have fully committed to Owens and his ability to, as Sebastian Manes, Selfridges' buying director, says,  “effortlessly avoid the mainstream." The installation is dark and experimental, and even more so when you consider the store’s proper Oxford Street location.

The World of Rick Owens will be open until Oct. 24, so get over to London and make sure you don’t miss out on this unique experience. 



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