Supreme's Biggest Fans Explain Why They Love the Brand

Supreme's biggest fans speak out about the brand, what inspires them, and what they love about being young.

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Supreme stans are some of the most devoted fans on the planet. If you need any proof of this, just head down to any of the brand's stores on a Thursday, when new gear goes on sale, to see an interminable line of people waiting for the latest drop. i-D went down to the latest drop to talk to the brand's biggest fans about why they love about Supreme, being young, and what pieces they are coveting (and how long they waited in line for them).

The brand's biggest fans appreciate the quality of Supreme, one says that it offers "simple, quality pieces," and another loves it because the clothes are "clean, minimal." Meanwhile, another person waiting in line even says Supreme is "the only brand that pushes the envelope in design."

It should come as no surprise that for most of fans, who reported waiting in line for up to a week at other drops, the Yankees jacket was a hot ticket item. The heads at Supreme would have been proud of their rebellious fan base, who mostly talked about freedom as the best part of being young. "I do what I want," said one customer, while another responded, "That you can do almost anything you want and make it."

While the piece doesn't have the fans' opinion on Supreme's latest collaboration with Undercover, it's safe to say they would be v. excited about it. 

Check out the full story over on i-D.


[via i-D]

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