Stussy Releases Its Holiday 2014 Collection With an Alpha Industries Collaboration

Stussy unveils its Holiday 2014 IST collection with a fresh flight jacket collaboration with Alpha Industries as the centerpiece.

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Fresh from collaborations with Baracuta and Porter, Stussy is back with its Holiday 2014 collection, called the International Stussy Tribe, as well as a collaboration with Alpha Industries. 

The centerpiece of the collection is the incredibly fresh flight jacket made in collaboration with Alpha Industries. The piece is a reinterpretation of a classic B-15 jacket and features "IST" embroidered on the chest, a (faux) fur collar, and a sleeve pocket with an oversized, branded tag. The collection also includes long and short sleeve T-shirts and beanies with unique IST designs. 

The collection is available at Stussy's Chapter Stores and website now. 


[via Stussy] 

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