Your Local Starbucks Just Got a Lot More Hipster

Your next Starbucks barista might look a lot more hipster, with a dress code that ​*allows*​ bowties and fedoras.

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In Starbucks' ongoing effort to make its ubiquitous cafes more like your friendly neighborhood Brooklyn brew shop—the chain has introduced single origin beans and flat whites in the past year or so—the Seattle-based company is amending its dress code. And while the coffee probably still won't be comparable, the barista serving it to you might thanks to a new hipster-friendly dress code

The new guidelines allows your Starbucks barista to wear the hats featured on every Williamsburg scavenger hunt. The "dress code lookbook," as it's hilariously called, specifically calls out the fedora, bowler, newsboy, Panama, and trilby cap by name and also includes a picture of a slouchy beanie under the approved headwear category. Backwards caps, bucket hats, and, devastatingly, cowboy hats didn't make the cut. 

The rollout of the new dress code is part of Starbucks' desire to give employees more room for "self-expression," according to the Washington Post. And the lookbook begins with that very mission in mind. "We’re inviting you to bring your personal taste and handcrafted style to work," it kicks off.

So while Starbucks employees in the past were limited to just "black, white and khaki clothing," according to WaPo, a bit more color and patterns, so long as they're subtle, are now allowed. Also, approved under the new dress code is neckwear, including ties that aren't "neon, white, loud, or distracting patterns" and another hipster favorite: bowties. 

Washington Post also points out that the overhaul is probably meant to strip away the anesthetized, corporate feel of these chains and give them a local feel. While we've joked about hipsters in this post, people across the country dress differently and so Starbucks is probably betting that each outpost will have a more local flavor, even if the coffee is uniform.  

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