Robert Geller Talks About Working on Kanye West's adidas Line: "He's Into Fashion More Than Music"

Robert Geller talks about working with Kanye West on his adidas line.

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Robert Geller was lucky enough to be brought on as a consultant by Kanye West for the rapper's Yeezy Season 1 collection with adidas. Now, the designer, who just unveiled his Spring 2016 collection, talks about working with West, how he feels about celebrities trying to do what he does, as well as his own label and the state of menswear in an interview with Vice

No surprise, Geller says that 'Ye was extremely dedicated to his fashion line with adidas. "There's a broad range of actual involvement by celebrities," Geller tells Vice. "Kanye was super involved. At times, I think he's into fashion more than music. He lives it. He's really behind what's happening with his brand. Within that spectrum of people who are really into it, I hope they continue to enter fashion. You shouldn't shun them just because they're celebrities and automatically assume that other people are designing and they're just putting their names on it." 

Geller also says that West changed his attitude on celebrities trying to design. "Well, as a designer, you feel like it needs to be an exclusive club that you need to protect," he says. "You think that if celebrities design a collection and everybody loves it, then it kind of cheapens what you do. But having seen it from the inside with Kanye and having seen his dedication, time, and effort, I really respect it." 

In terms of menswear in general and his own label, Geller sees the recent love affair between fashion and streetwear coming to an end. "I think fashion will separate itself from streetwear again," he says.  "The good streetwear will stay as streetwear, and it will be made at a higher level than it was before." He wants to evolve his own label to keep up with the times. "I still want to keep that comfort, but take it to a higher level with more tailoring, more structure, and really play with shapes and layering in new ways that are going to feel fresh," he says. 

Geller also mentions his dream of opening up a brick-and-mortar store, the good the Internet has done for fashion, and his thoughts on New York Fashion Week: Men's. Read the full interview here


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