These Holographic and Interactive Window Displays Are Further Proof Ralph Lauren Is the Gawd

Ralph Lauren celebrates release of Polo Sport line with holographic and interactive displays.

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Ralph Lauren is launching its first holographic and interactive window display to celebrate the release of its new Polo Sport line. The new technologically-advanced display is in-line with the brand's new smart shirt, which is releasing as part of the Polo Sport line.

The display will show five different vignettes that represent Polo Sport's core qualities of strength, speed, movement, and style. It will also use motion-sensing infrared cameras to watch passerby and replicate their movements on the screen. There will also be interactive touch screen elements involved.

“Ralph Lauren has been on the cutting edge of fashion and technology for over a decade and continues to reimagine shopping using unparalleled technology that transcends retail," Ralph Lauren's vice president of global advertising, marketing, and corporate communications David Lauren said. In the past, Ralph Lauren has put on a 4D runway show at NYFW and let customers customize a T-shirt using an interactive window display.

The new holographic window displays will be up at Ralph Lauren's 5th Ave. store in NYC tonight. Watch a video of the display in action below.



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