Nick Young's Closet Is Overflowing With a Ridiculous Amount of Designer Clothes and Sneakers

Nick Young shows off a closet overflowing with a ridiculous amount of designer clothes and sneakers, and talks style inspiration.

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Nick Young's closet is exactly how you would expect it to look like. The Los Angeles Lakers player let The Coveteur in his home and shared with the site his impressive collection of designer sneakers, ranging from special edition kicks to Vans fitted with roller-skating wheels, and clothes. 

The foundation of Young's closet starts with his with v. rare sneakers, which includes Christian LouboutinSaint Laurent, Maison Martin Margeila, the Nike + R.T. Air Force 1, and "Red October" Air Yeezy 2s. The impressive shoe collection is topped off by gear from Young's favorite designers and stores, which he lists out as, "Saint LaurentBarney'sOpening CeremonySupremeUnion," in that order. Swaggy's love for Saint Laurent is evident in the number of special pieces he has from the fashion house, including a pair of golden boots, and a custom leather jersey with "SP"on it.  

Young says his style was inspired by where he grew up, but now, it's affected by the music he listens to. "For instance, if I'm listening to R&B [my style] gets very cool and suave," he said. His natural style helped him pick his number zero jersey, it "just fit my personality the best," he says, and guided him to his new favorite designer, "Jerry Lorenzo of Fear of God Los Angeles." 

Scroll through the photos below to see the incredible photos of Young's closet, and read the whole story at The Coveteur.


[via The Coveteur]

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