American Apparel's New Ad Campaigns Are Finally SFW

American Apparel goes in a totally new direction with its new advertisements.

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American Apparel's new CEO Paula Schneider said she wanted to take the company's campaigns in a new less "overtly sexual" direction. The company is now unveiling some new ads that make good on that promise.

One of the new ads promotes women and their invaluable roles at American Apparel. "Hello Ladies." is the new headline, and the ad spotlights American Apparel's female employees by writing out their name and start date with the company, WWD reports. "Women have always been in charge at American Apparel,” the copy says. “In fact, women make up 55 percent of our global workforce (sorry, guys) and an even higher percentage of our leadership and executive roles. This structure is incredibly (and unfortunately) rare in the corporate world.”

This is a pretty swift turnaround for a company that is not even one month removed from putting out a casting call for models that requested no "Instagram Hoes or Thots."

The other new campaign from AA is an extremely bizarre set of ads meant to promote "organic and recycled styles" with a three-toed sloth named Buttercup. After introducing its new animal star in the copy, the ad promises, "Buttercup has a surprise! Stay tuned." 

While American Apparel's new promotions are certainly a mixed bag of success, even the sloth campaign is better than putting out creepy ads that are repeatedly banned. The ads are the second good move this week from American Apparel, which hired a former Band of Outsiders designer to help restructure its menswear.




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