Meet the Man Who Does Things With His Beard You Didn't Even Know Were Possible

Instagram user Incredibeard turns his lengthy facial hair into impressive shapes and designs, like an Octopus, Christmas tree, or the word "Boss."

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Is there still time to run back the World Beard and Moustache Championships that took place earlier this year? Because this man turns his beards into insane designs. 

Incredibeard, whose real name is Isaiah Webb, posts all of the epic designs—animals, Holiday-themed beards, and words—on his Instagram. He has even recreated Bane's mask from Batman using only the hair on his face. 

Seriously, this guy makes other dudes look even worse with their pathetic attempts, either with flowers or Christmas ornaments, to spruce up their beards. Let's leave it to the professional. 

Scroll through the images of Incredibeard's work below and check him out on Instagram here


[via Elite Daily]

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