There's a Man Running Around New York Harassing Supreme Fans

A man known as "The Ape" is harrassing Supreme fans in New York City.

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A man known only as The Ape is haunting the streets of New York. Legend has it that fans of the legendary New York streetwear brand Supreme can hear him "banging on his chest" and yelling "Fuck Thupreme" from miles away. The Ape is the subject of several videos that have been posted to Instagram and have gone viral, at least among streetwear nerds.

The videos feature The Ape running around the streets of NYC, looking for people wearing Supreme, knocking them around, throwing their hats off, or kicking their bags. The Ape hates Supreme; he loves Bape. 

The videos are, admittedly, hilarious thanks to The Ape's willingness to walk up to and fight anyone and just sheer dumb luck—he runs into and runs up to Jonah Hill in just the second video. 

In just a couple days, the duo of Will Gunz and The Ape, YMBape on Instagram and the man featured in the videos, have created quite a myth around themselves. A Twitter account with the same handle, YMBape, started posting this week, but that account is fake, at least according to what The Ape has said on his Snapchat. Regardless, this Twitter account took credit for a fight that took place outside Supreme Thursday night.

The videos posted to the account are all worth watching. In one someone actually fights back, and The Ape gets kicked out of Dover Street Market.

The Ape's first video also marks probably the last time he'll be allowed in Supreme. 

Multiple requests for comment from Will Gunz and YMBape were not returned. 

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