Kanye West Rocks a Vintage Vivienne Westwood Jacket From 1982

Kanye West dives into the Vivienne Westwood archives for the buffalo jacket he's been wearing around London.

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When Kanye West finds an item of clothing he likes he wears it over and over, much like the Haider Ackermann sweatsuit he's seen in again here, or the flight jacket he was rocking in London. So, it's important to take note when Yeezus slots something new into his rotation. This time it's a Buffalo coat from British designer Vivienne Westwood.

The vintage jacket is from Westwood's monumental Fall/Winter 1982 Nostalgia of Mud collection, also known as Buffalo Girls. It's the very same collection from which Pharrell pulled his now-infamous Grammys hat

Westwood designed the collection with her boyfriend and creative partner Malcolm McLaren and took inspiration from the emerging hip-hop style that was rising to prevalence thanks to the Bronx's Rock Steady Crew. 

A similar jacket is available on eBay with an asking price of $5,000, and on Etsy for $3,000. 

Check out images from the vintage collection below. 







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