The Grammys were full of stunts, and surprises last night, but even a bootylicious performance by Beyoncé' could not overshadow style icon Pharrell Williams' choice in hat, a vintage Vivienne Westwood masterpiece that had everyone talking, and twitter ablaze. 

A little history behind the hat: It was a part of Westwood's Fall/Winter '82 Collection "Buffalo Gals(Nostalgia of the Mind)" in which she created with her boyfriend and creative collaborator Malcolm McLaren. Together, Westwood and McLaren sought out the Bronx's Rock Steady Crew to create visuals that Pharrell directly drew reference from for his outfit. During this time, hip-hop and b-boy culture saw a huge surge in prevalence (following the punk movement), and it also predates the grunge movement in music and in the world of style. 

We tracked down the hat on Rakuten, for just under $400 if you want to to try out P's look for yourself.  

Image via Perez Hilton