Jared Leto Didn't Actually Fall in Love With That Gucci Coat at First Sight

Jared Leto actually didn't have a love at first sight moment after seeing that Gucci coat.

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"Sorry to ruin your meme," Jared Leto told Vanity Fair Thursday about the series of images that had been sweeping Twitter. If you aren't familiar with the meme, savvy Internet sleuth @jasonnmomoa seemed to have tracked down the initial moment of ecstasy the Suicide Squad member had after seeing the Gucci coat he eventually wore to the London premiere of his movie Wednesday. 

However, Vanity Fair's Kenzie Bryant got ahold of Leto who told her—and made us all the exact opposite of how he's feeling in that photo—that it just didn't go down like that. "The thing about the photo is—I’m going to be honest with you—I was actually making a face at someone across the runway," he said.

Wise brand ambassador and BFF to Gucci designer Alessandro Michele that Leto is, he then scrambled for a redemptive moment. "I have that feeling with most things [Gucci] makes because they make such beautiful things," he explained. "But I was actually goofing off with a friend, and you can’t actually tell from the picture."

Then, in the spirit of the disgusting things he's been offering people like Jimmy Fallon, Leto foisted one more piece of advice onto Bryant when she said she might just pretend it never happened. "Or you could tell the real story," he said. “That would be interesting.” You can count us all the way out on that (and Suicide Squad, for that matter).

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