Damn. Jared Leto is really good at this whole gift-giving thing, yeah? The Suicide Squad star stopped by Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show Monday, celebrating the impending debut of his much-hyped Joker performance with a gift that would make the notorious supervillain quite proud:


That, concerned readers, is Jimmy Fallon staring a gift horse gift snake in the mouth. Yes, what we're saying is: Jared Leto brought dude a live snake as a token of, um, friendship? "You know, The Joker is a big giver of gifts," Leto said, introducing his horrific present. "And he was thinking of you and wanted to pass off this gift, especially for you." Once Fallon actually realized he had just received a live snake in front of a televised audience, he promptly freaked the hell out. But not before reading Joker's touching letter, a fitting accompaniment to an otherwise nightmarish token of unappreciation.

"Dear, sweet Jimmy, please enjoy my snake," Fallon read. "It's long and skinny and tasty to take." After Leto corrected Fallon, adding that the letter actually said "long and skinny and easy to take," the two enjoyed a Freudian giggle together. Touching!

Speaking of dashing young gentlemen, Leto also opened up about his feelings on Joker's status as a "misunderstood sweetheart."

Given the snake nonsense, Leto had no choice but to redeem himself by joining Fallon for a snake-free round of the classic Tonight Show segment "Pup Quiz." For those not in the know, "Pup Quiz" is basically just a thinly veiled excuse for guests to hang out with dope dogs:

Suicide Squad, hopefully featuring zero snakes, finally hits theaters Friday.