This Photo Exhibit Featuring Erotic Images of Emily Ratajkowski and 'Playboy' Models Might Be the Hottest of the Year

Jonathan Leder is exhibiting his erotic polaroids of famous models in Los Angeles.

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If you watched the "Blurred Lines" video on loop, but couldn't tell us what Robin Thicke was wearing because your eyes were focused... elsewhere, you're going to want to check out the new exhibit from photographer Jonathan Leder. 

The new exhibit, titled "92 Photographs," showcases erotic images from women like Emily Ratajkowski, as well as Britany Nola and Kayslee Collins, both previous Playboy models of the month. Leder took the photos using a Polaroid camera sometime between 2011 and 2015, and Ratajkowski was yet to break out when the photographer worked with her. Leder hoped to depict the women as fantasy "girls next door" in this lo-fi style that captured the models in motels and houses. 

Leder worked with each model one-on-one, which allowed him to bring a certain intimacy to each photograph. "These are not pictures taken with the idea of being perfect or precious," Leder explains via a press release. "They work best when they capture some spontaneous energy or moment, or some secret side of someone you wouldn’t usually see." 

The series of photographs will be on display at Los Angeles' Superchief Gallery, 739 Kohler St., between Aug.. 8 and Aug. 22. You can also pick up a limited-edition exhibition catalog for $50, or $75 for a signed copy, from Imperial Publishing

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