Donald Trump Doesn't Think Supermodel Heidi Klum Is a 10 (UPDATE)

Donald Trump gives an unsolicited rating of Heidi Klum's looks.

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UPDATE (8/17/15): Heidi Klum has taken to Instagram to hilariously respond to Donald Trump's unprovoked comment. The model posted a short video of someone in a Donald Trump mask ripping off her 10, to reveal a 9.99. 


See original story from 8/17/15 below. 

Donald Trump was being profiled by the highly-esteemed New York Times about his ongoing circus of a presidential campaign and took the opportunity to insult supermodel Heidi Klum for absolutely no reason. 

In the middle of a conversation about not editing himself, Trump admits to the New York Times, "Sometimes I do go a little bit far." Before adding completely out of nowhere, "Heidi Klum. Sadly, she’s no longer a 10." There were many ways Trump could have proven his point, for example, by noting how long he's tried to fool us with his disgusting comb-over haircut. 

Unfortunately, it's not surprising that Trump has once again stooped to insulting a woman to make a point. The Donald's abhorrent comments about Rosie O'Donnell made for one of the most memorable and tasteless moments from the GOP Debate. 

Despite all this Trump still insists he's has nothing against women. "I have many women executives and they are paid at least as much as the men," he tells the NYT. "I find women to be amazing."

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