Aaron Levine Leaves Club Monaco for Abercrombie

Aaron Levine will lead the rebranding efforts at Abercrombie & Fitch

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Abercrombie & Fitch just made a HUGE move in its rebranding efforts by hiring Aaron Levine, the vice president of Men's design at Club Monaco until just yesterday, Fashionista reports.

This is the perfect match for both the designer and the ailing brand. Levine dramatically upped the quality at Club Monaco and was instrumental in turning the Canadian-born brand (which was acquired by Ralph Lauren in 1999) into a fixture in most stylish guys' closets. Levine joined CM in 2011 after leading similarly successful rejuvenations at Jack Spade and Hickey Freeman, where he was largely responsible for the youth-infused sub-label hickey.  At Club Monaco, he introduced higher-end third-party brands like Aspesi, wings+horns, and Mark McNairy into its shops, and coordinated memorable collaborations with the likes of Reigning Champ and Lardini.  

Abercrombie will be another huge project for Levine, but his track record proves he's more than up to the task.

Ever since firing controversial CEO Mike Jeffries, A&F has been trying to turn a new page by revamping its stores and toning down the huge Moose logos. The arrival of Levine means the clothes might go from being a teeny-bopper favorite to a menswear favorite, like it was back in its heyday. 

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