Jamad Fiin and Robert Neal Are Owning Their Styles With StockX

For Robert Neal and Jamad Fiin, style is a way for them to express themselves while wearing what makes them feel powerful. To upgrade your style head to StockX.

Jamad Fiin and Robert Neal for StockX
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Jamad Fiin and Robert Neal for StockX

Here’s the thing, when it comes to sports, skateboarding and basketball are closer than you think. Both can be done on municipal courts or in packed arenas, they require a ton of jumping, and style always plays a major role in each, expressing yourself without saying a word. Basketball is a sport uniquely suited to sneakerheads: you can ball in any sneaker that will hold up, and making a splash on the court can help get players connections for coveted player-exclusive colorways. And skateboarders have projected cool while shredding in everything from skinny jeans to swishy pants.

Whatever gear you’re after, there’s a pretty good chance you can find it on StockX. The website is most famous for being a place to buy and sell hard-to-find sneakers, but offers much more than shoes. It’s a one-stop shop for StockX Verified apparel, collectibles, electronics, handbags and more, from rare streetwear to the latest gaming consoles to graded rookie baseball cards, even after they’ve sold out elsewhere. StockX seamlessly connects buyers and sellers, providing real time data on the true market value of items, and using authentication teams across the world to inspect every purchase before it gets to you.

StockX has also aligned with a dynamic team of athletes across sports and culture. Many of them also happen to be skaters and ballers: Jamad Fiin is the CEO of Jamad Basketball Camps, a nonprofit that organizes women’s basketball camps and tournaments, as well as a former guard on the Emmanuel College basketball team. Fledgling pro skater Robert Neal is a multi-disciplinary talent: he has walked in luxury fashion shows, engages his friends around while playing paintball, and has also made a name for himself jumping down stairs. Here, we check in with Jamad Fiin & Robert Neal to tell the world what “Owning It” means to them, and how they own their personal styles, inspirations, and favorite things to collect. You won’t want to miss what they have to say. 

Jamad Fiin…

Jamad Fiin for StockX

…Knows That What You Wear On The Court Is A Reflection Of How You Feel

Jamad wears many hats: coach, CEO, and athlete, and uses different fits to help transition between different roles and feel confident in them. That said, she doesn’t box herself in when asked what she likes to wear while balling: “It depends on how serious the game is,” she explains. “If I’m in it to win it, then I look for comfort, breathability and then style. If I’m having fun, I’ll wear whatever: my abayat or cardigan or a dress.”

…Loves To Mix And Match

As a muslim, Jamad plays in a hijab, oftentimes pairing it with a pair of Nike Kobes (which are her favorite.) “I love modest wear and the street look, so a combination of the two is what I love the most,” she says, crediting her partnership with StockX for helping her get the pieces she uses to build looks that are designed to be seen. “I love how they encourage me to mix and match athletic with luxury clothing and accessories and allow my true style to shine through.”

…Has A Message For The Next Generation Of Female Basketball Players

Lots of people had different opinions about Jamad taking basketball seriously as she was growing up. Now, she makes it a point to let the girls who attend her camps to ignore the haters. “I reassure them that they’re here to learn and have fun,” she reasons, using herself as an example of where you can go if you don’t hide what you love. “And to never let anyone stop them from playing sports or doing anything they set their mind to.”

…And Wants Them To Have the Opportunities They Need to Succeed

Jamad’s camps have grown to include multiple cities across the country and international tournaments, allowing her to get her message of inclusive basketball to the world while staying true to herself. Her goal is to provide other Somali girls with the opportunity to embrace basketball and learn some of the lessons the sport has taught her. Establishing a camp in Minnesota was a major accomplishment. “The ability to put a mark in Minneapolis is really meaningful as I love visiting and being a part of the Somali community there. Minneapolis is my second home,” Jamad says. “Choosing that city means everything and giving back to the community out there!”

Nike SB StrangeLove Dunk Low

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Robert Neal…

Robert Neal and his dog

…Finds Sartorial Inspiration In the World Around Him

Whether it’s an outfit to film a trick, or for chilling around the house, Robert stays fresh. “I like different types of styles,” he said. “I’m more fixed on streetwear, but I like high fashion too. I get inspiration from my friends and skateboarding.” Sticking with gear that gives him peace and poise is important, and one rule he always sticks to while deciding on an outfit is comfort first: “Style is going to be there regardless, so I prefer comfort before skating.”

…Knows That Comfortable Shoes Are Everything

Skaters can be very precise when looking for a shoe. Others will skate in anything you put on their feet. Robert is in the middle “I prefer to skate in Dunks or Air Jordan 1s,” he says, knowing that feeling good in shoes he chooses will put him in a confident place when filming tricks that the world will see. “I’m open to skating in anything that’s comfortable to me and looks good.”

…Doesn’t Collect Much, But Has A Lot Of Something At His Place

Robert loves animals. The graphics on his first pro skateboard featured a viper, and he has several animals (plus a spider) at the house. “I have multiple dogs, snakes, geckos and a tarantula,” he says. “You could say I collect animals.” Besides animals, StockX’s digital art offerings have allowed him to broaden his scope and add new collectibles to his life. “I also just started collecting NFTs and have some fun upcoming projects in the metaverse!”

…Is Putting His Eye For Design To Work

Connecting the pieces of Robert’s life is important, and a step beyond simply being a pro skater, allowing him to express himself without saying a word. He is starting to dabble in design, beginning with a collaborative skate deck: “I was able to work with both StockX and my team at Primitive on a DropX collaboration that will be releasing in October,” he says. “I’m hyped to see the reaction to these personal pieces because I had a hand in every aspect of the creative design.”

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Some people express themselves through the sneakers they wear, others let the way they’ve decorated their homes showcase their personalities, and some let their vibe shine in the digital world. For Robert Neal and Jamad Fiin, style is a way for them to express themselves while wearing what makes them feel powerful. To upgrade your style while staying true to you, head to StockX to find what you need and own it.


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