15 Free Assembly Fall Essentials to Buy Now

These are the best things to buy from the new line of Free Assembly essentials.

Image via Free Assembly
Free Assembly Fall 2020 Lookbook

Free Assembly is a new kind of fashion line, combining stylish, wearable essentials with affordable prices. Nothing from Free Assembly costs more than $50. That means you can create a whole new wardrobe for yourself this fall, filling up your closet with fresh gear, mixing, matching, and layering Free Assembly pieces as you chose. To guide and inspire you, we’ve selected our 15 favorite items from Free Assembly, all of which stand alone or work together to create next level fits, complementing everything from your favorite sneakers to your formal work clothes. Even better, Free Assembly sources mostly organic cotton for its denim, which is then treated with a low water impact wash, meaning its jeans are created using techniques that encourage reduced water usage, leaving the planet looking as good as you do. Take a look and shop Free Assembly at select Walmart locations and at walmart.com today.


1. Selvedge Slim Fit Jeans

Free Assembly Selvedge Slim Fit Jeans

Jeans can be the base of any outfit. So start here, with Free Assembly’s Selvedge Slim Fit model, which only cost $40, an incredible price for this kind of denim.

2. Everyday T-Shirt

Free Assembly Everyday T Shirt

After jeans, the most versatile item in any man’s wardrobe is the plain T-shirt. And at only $9, you can afford multiples of Free Assembly’s all-cotton version.

3. Everyday Rugby T-Shirt

Free Assembly Everyday Rugby T Shirt

But, if you’re hankering for a tee that’s a bit more maximalist, you can always try one of Free Assembly’s striped Everyday Rugby T-shirts. It’s classic, wearable, and timelessly cool.

4. Utility Pants With E-Waist

Free Assembly E Waist Utility Pant

Of course, you can’t wear jeans everyday. For comfortable weekends or relaxed weekdays, try Free Assembly’s Utility Pants with E-Waist, which offer plenty of room and an easy-tie drawstring to hold things together.

5. Everyday Long-Sleeve Henley

Free Assembly Everyday Long Sleeve Henley

When it comes to fall layering, nailing the base layer is crucial. That’s where this cozy Everyday Long-Sleeve Henely shines, offering layerable warmth you can wear under a flannel shirt or rock beneath your favorite outerwear.

6. Everyday Oxford Shirt

Free Assembly Everyday Oxford Shirt

This all-cotton Everyday Oxford is the most versatile button-down shirt a man can own, working with everything from a suit to sweatpants if you so chose. Costing only $23, you can afford to cop a few and wear them with literally anything.

7. Two-Pocket Flannel 

Free Assembly Two Pocket Flannel

A Two-Pocket Flannel like this is the official shirt of fall, working well on it’s own or layered under a vest or Chore Jacket for cooler days. Now you know, so shop—and dress—appropriately.

8. Athletic Fit Jeans

Free Assembly Slim Fit Jeans

If you prefer your denim a bit slimmer with more stretch, opt for Free Assembly’s Athletic Fit Jeans, which are a stylishly-distressed a steal at only $27.

9. Camo Print Utility Shirt

Free Assembly Camo Utility Shirt

With dual breast pockets and a sturdy cotton construction, this Camo Print Utility Shirt combines the best of workwear with military influences. Ironically, it’s best worn when you want to stand out instead of just blending in.

10. Everyday Diamond Quilted Vest

Free Assembly Diamond Quilted Vest

This Everyday Diamond Quilted Vest is fall outerwear at its most versatile. For more temperate days, you can wear one over a flannel shirt or, for colder weather, use it as a top layer, wearing one over a Free Assembly Chore Jacket.

11. Cargo Pants With E-Waist

Free Assembly Cargo Pants with E Waist

For the man who wants everything at once, Free Assembly's Cargo Pants with E-Waist combine the toughness of jeans with the casual convenience of chinos into one trouser that can truly go anywhere and do it all.

12. Chore Jacket

Free Assembly Chore Jacket

Part shirt, part coat, the Free Assembly Chore Jacket is all affordable at only $30. Grab a couple and wear them however you see fit. 

13. Bomber Jacket

Free Assembly Bomber Jacket

A quilted flight jacket should be a staple in every man’s wardrobe. And you won’t find a better, more classic, more affordable version than this Bomber Jacket from Free Assembly. Buy one now and wear it for the rest of your life.

14. Chino Pants

Free Assembly Chino Pants

For a clean, sporty look these flat front Chino Pants can’t be beat, especially when they come in at only $25.

15. Unlined Fishtail Parka

Free Assembly Unlined Fishtail Parka

This Unlined Fishtail Parka cuts a sleek silhouette, making it the perfect top layer to wear over a pair of Free Assembly’s Selvedge Slim Fit Jeans and a Two-Pocket Flannel.

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