Maison Margiela has revealed its Spring Summer 2022 Co-Ed collection, with a film directed by Olivier Dahan leading the charge.

The collection, from creative director John Galliano, brings all-gendered ready-to-wear clothing in the form of knitwear, lingerie, socks, Loden coats, and plenty more. The coastal and maritime wardrobes make nods to a “new utopian youth,” including the act of magnet fishing—which clears waters of pollution—and highlight “weather-beaten fair isle knitwear.”

Image via Publicist

The collection’s lookbook features a variety of look groupings, including one labeled as “Sea Shanty,” another called “Utopian Youth,” one called “Fly Fishing,” and another labeled “Heroes.” These looks are complete with pieces like a grey wool bird-peck dress with red lace lining, a black tulle jacket, an ochre check wool essorage cape, a green discharged Loden coat, a Herringbone stonewashed coat, and more. 

Image via Publicist
Image via Publicist

The reclaimed collection allowed Galliano to turn everyday items into weathered looks, as he told Vogue that the collection is “just showing it in a different light, to create desire,” and that “it’s like the blood that flows through our veins.”

“What the kids are doing now, is they’ve got these magnetic fishing lines, and they’re going out to fish out the trash in Canal Saint Martin, and estuaries. I thought, how genius,” he said of what helped inspire the collection. “This is something that is becoming a hobby. So the waders are perfect to wear when you go out electro-magnetic fishing!”