Weird Photos Exist of Adolf Hitler Practicing His Speech Theatrics

These vintage photos show Hitler in a dark room practicing his speech hand gestures.

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Hitler has been called a lot of things, but people often forget that he was one hell of an orator. It's not as easy as it looks to be that crazy. Shouting all that bullshit and making people believe you isn't something that happens overnight, so like any budding thespian, young Adolf had to put in work behind the scenes. 

These photos show Hitler practicing the hand movements he wanted to make during his carefully planned hate speeches. Viewing these private moments is like watching a strange audition tape for a reality show, only a lot more sinister. Imagine being Hitler's photographer, giving him direction on the Nazi salute and combing his 'stache so it looks nice for the camera. 

Very, very strange.

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[via DangerousMinds]

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