University of Maryland Basketball Honors Their Heritage With New Uniforms from Under Armour

Know your history.

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The University of Maryland is a school that knows and respects its history, and that spirit of respect extends to their sports teams. Under Armour has unveiled a new uniforms for the Terrapins basketball team that not only honor their history, but they proudly showcase it for fans and opponents to see.

The Under Armour ArmourLight uniforms feature the names of past players and important championship dates, as well as the names of historic buildings on their school's campus, all incorporated into the jersey numbers, shoulders, and printed all over the shorts. The "heritage print" reminds the players of the greatness that came before them so that they can work to make their school proud and one day add their own names and years to the record books and see their jerseys in the rafters.

Of course no uniform is complete without footwear, so Under Armour laced the team with custom Maryland Heritage UA Spawn Anatomix sneakers (which will also be available to cop via the UA website and select retailers).

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