Takashi Murakami Says the Art World Is "Full of Zombies" (Himself Included)

What could have made Murakami say this during a Gala in his honor?

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While giving speech to accept an honor at the Asia Society's Art Gala in Hong Kong on Monday, Takashi Murakami went a few steps beyond saying thank you and talking about his place in contemporary art. Instead the Japanese artist said something that took a lot of people by surprise.

 According to Gallerist, while at the podium, Murakami spoke about his three galleries and 200 employees and the "money issues" that he has to deal with as an employer and gallery owner. He then said "What is a zombie? A human dies and continues to move afresh. The art world today is a world full of such zombies.” After the event, Gallerist asked the artist to elaborate on who he was referring to during his speech and Murakami replied "Me! Everyone in the business."

There was no further explanation as to why Murakami chose this time and place to share that gem. 

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