Takashi Murakami's Live-Action Film "Jellyfish Eyes" Comes to the United States

This live-action fantasy film will begin an eight-city tour of the US on May 1.

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 A version of Takashi Murakami'sJellyfish Eyesmovie trailer has been floating around the Internet since 2012, but Vanity Fair just premiered a new trailer ahead of the film's arrival in the United States. After premiering in Los Angeles and hitting theaters in Japan, the live-action feature is scheduled to return to the states for an eight-city tour from May 1 through June 5. 

The sci-fi fantasy film combines live-action and Murakami's animated style, telling the story of a boy named Masashi in a town where children have magical pets that adults can't see. The children use their pets to battle, but someone else has a much darker, and more destruction plan for them. Check out the trailer below and head to the Jellyfish Eyes website for more information about the US tour.

UPDATE: For the New York screening on June 1, Takashi Murakami will be participating in a free talk at the Film Center Ampitheater at 6:30 p.m. More info here.

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