Stolen Damien Hirst Prints Worth $34,000 Returned in Garbage Bags

Short-term robbery.

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Thieves left the folks at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo in Chile (MAC) distraught when they made off with two prints, Souls III and Souls IV by Damien Hirst. The prints, valued at $17,000 each, were stolen earlier this month during a concert with an organization that shares a part of the building with MAC via the kitchen entrance, which is not equipped with security cameras.. The thieves have since returned the prints separately, the first via courier the next day and the second was dropped off in a plastic bag though they are still at large and no one knows why they had a change of heart. Maybe they felt guilty or realized that the prints would be too difficult to unload. 

The security guard who found the second print was detained but has since been released and is collaborating with the investigation. The thieves better hope that the "dark and unclear" images the authorities were able to obtain of them are insufficient, or they could face charges despite returning what they stole.

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