The Chinese American Museum Opens an Art Exhibition Inspired by Sriracha and Tapatio Hot Sauces

An homage to the tasty condiment.

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Sriracha fandom is something that the world didn't really know existed until the wonder sauce was almost taken away from us. To show just how much they love the brand and it's Southern Californian neighbor Tapatio, artists will present hot sauce-inspired works in a group exhibition at the Chinese American Museum entitled "L.A. Heat: Taste-Changing Condiments." 

The CAM exhibition opens today (March 13) and will run through July 12. With hot sauce production on the rise in the United States, the museum's interim executive director Steve Wong thought it make for a great show and be a great way to represent the city of Los Angeles. Visitors can expect to see works by Shark Toof, Patrick MartinezEyeOne, Gajin Fujita, Skeet One, Jose Ramirez, Werc, Daniel Gonzalez, Edith Beaucage, and a gang of others (full list here). Hot sauce lovers and haters alike will probably enjoy this exhibition because food plus art is always awesome. For more information, head to the Chinese American Museum site.

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