North West Has the Greatest Emojis Of All Time

Buzzfeed illustrator Jen Lewis drew the many expressions and moods of baby Nori, the "perfect tiny human."

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If you're still using words in your text messages, then you really need to step your game up. 2015 is the year of the emoji, and if something is worth saying, then there is an icon that says it. We've seen Cam'ron emojis, Kim Jong Un emoji stickers, and several other sets that were cool, but Buzzfeed illustrator Jen Lewis has created a group of icons for North West that are hands down the best ones ever.


The emojis capture different North West moods, from sad, to happy, to Halloween skunk costume Nori. Lewis writes on Twitter that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's seed is the "perfect tiny human," and that drawing her face is her "new favorite pastime." Unfortunately, the emojis are not available for the rest of us to download and use, but hopefully they will be if we beg Lewis enough online.

[via Twitter]

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