The New Museum Presents an Exhibition of "Contemporary Art from and About the Arab World"

The "Here and Elsewhere" exhibition provides a unique look at the region with works by over 40 artists from more than 12 countries.

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For the first time, the New Museum will present a museum-wide exhibition that focuses on contemporary both of, and about the Arab World. Titled "Here and Elsewhere," the major exhibition will bring together the work of over 40 artists from more than 12 countries, works that, according to the museum, provide a "reflection on what is at stake in the act of representation," "initiate a reflection on images as sites of conflict or spaces of intimacy," and "develop a critique of media representation and propaganda."

"Here and Elsewhere" will feature artists at various stages in their careers to provide a view that goes "against the notion of the Arabic-speaking world as a homogenous or cohesive entity." Drawings, sculptures, and paintings will fill the museum, though the list of artists represented in the exhibition has not yet been released. Expect that information ahead of the July 16 opening date, but in the meantime you should head to the New Museum site to read more about the exhibition.

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