Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Do Joint Interview at Paris Fashion Week

The couple talks custom coats, performing at Fondation Louis Vuitton, and who inspired Kim's new blonde hair.

It was announced last week that Kanye West would be performing a series of concerts at the Fondation Louis Vuitton gallery in Paris from March 7 through March 10. In addition to the shows, Ye also premiered the Steve McQueen-directed music video for his single "All Day," presented an exhibition of photos by Jackie Nickerson, and gave birth to the #KanyeDancing meme on Instagram and Vine. 

In an interview after the concert on Saturday, Kanye talked about why he wanted to perform in the space, while Kim Kardashian spoke about her decision to go blonde. "When I saw it, I was just so in love with architecture and the modern space and the way they curated the art," said Ye about the Fondation building, sharing that he was the one who asked if he could perform there.

While he prepared for the show, Kim was perfecting her look. Despite what the Internet memes say, Kim revealed that her new hair was inspired by one of Kanye's new collaborators, Madonna. "I’ve always had references of Madonna with platinum hair," said Kim. "They’ve been on my computer forever." Kim says that Kanye likes the new doo, but she is going to go back to black soon enough. She also spoke in the interview about the black Céline coat that she had altered to fit her body. "My mom has the one that’s just as is. So I feel like mine’s a little special." Kanye chimed in to say "and now it’s a really dope coat."



Steve McQueen was also interviewed this weekend, and he spoke about how the collaboration with Kanye on "All Day" came to be. "Me and my daughter were shopping in London at Dover Street Market and I got a phone call from Kanye and he says, ‘I’m at Dover Street Market, where are you?’ and I said, ‘Hey, I’m at Dover Street Market." They connected and Kanye somehow convinced him that working on the project together would be a good idea. "I always said I would never shoot a music video," said McQueen, "and here we did one in 10 days. That’s Kanye: It’s been a wild ride." Kanye played McQueen the entire "So Help Me God" album and they worked to "blend elements from two tracks" into the video.

[via WWD]

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