Artist Jay Shells Paints a Mos Def #RapQuotes Mural in Brooklyn

The artist goes bigger with his "The Rap Quotes" project in Bushwick thanks to JMZ Walls.

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Taking his "The Rap Quotes" street sign project to the next level, Jay Shells recently painted a dope mural in Bushwick, Brooklyn of a sign inspired by the lyrics of Mos Def (Yasiin Bey). The mural was made in collaboration with JMZ Walls and was painted near the Broadway / Myrtle Avenue intersection that Mos Def references in the song "Mathematics."




"I was always hoping that the street sign project would open the door for something more permanent," Jay Shells told ANIMAL. "Although I realize it wouldn’t always be possible to do a wall or a plaque on the floor for every single [rap quote], I thought it would be great to get a good handful of them to be more permanent." The wall where the mural was painted will eventually be repainted with another piece, so get there while you can and check out @jayshells_​ for more from the artist.

[via ANIMAL]


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