Japanese Artist Attempts to Replicate Bob Ross' Style with Code

Leave Bob alone!

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Kenichi Yoneda has combined his love of Bob Ross with his interest in algorithm-based art in attempts to mimic human ability with a computer and "create visual performances." Using Ross' ability and mastery of time as inspiration, Yoneda was able to study and create watercolor bleeds and other effects strictly through coding. His programming mimics the properties of the paint, but as of now can't mimic a painter.

We've seen robots that can not only paint, but plan their next stroke based on a number of factors, so is it possible that icons like Bob Ross will soon come in software form? Are there nuances to Bob's technique (and sunny personality) that computers will never fully mimic? I guess we will have to wait and see, as long as they don't give the computer the afro we should be ok.

In the meantime, check out this video clip of the watercolor algorithm at work:

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[via ANIMALNewYork]

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