James Franco, Miuccia Prada, and Jeff Koons Clear Out Their Houses for a GARAGE Sale

"GARAGE" asked 13 artists, designers, and celebrities to donate these gems for this cool charity auction.

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People usually reserve garage and stoop sales for when the snow melts in the spring, but GARAGE Magazine is getting an early start in 2015. With the tagline "An object is not just an object, it's all about the story," the GARAGE Sale features items acquired from impressive artists, designers, and celebrities. Jeff Koons, James Franco, Tyrone Lebon, Prada designer Miuccia PradaBarry McGee, Marc Newson, Richard Phillips, and others each contributed to the official eBay auction to benefit CalArts and the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art's education center, and they're not selling the same trash that your neighbors offer up every year.






Bidding has already started on the 13 items, and so far Richard Phillips' surfboard has raised the most money with a $1,200 bid, but there are eight days left so anything can happen. The Jeff Koons inflatable seems like it would be a popular item, given that it so closely relates to the artist's well-known balloon sculptures, but bidders have been playing it cool so far.

Head over to the auction landing page to learn more about CalArts and the education center and to try your luck at copping one of these items for a steal.

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