Smartly Designed Post-It Note Cases For Your iPhone 5

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What are two things you always have with you when you go to the grocery store besides your wallet? Chances are you have a cell phone and a crumbled up list of things you need to pick up. A lot of people skip (or lose) the physical list and find it easier enter the items into a digital note, but pushing around a shopping cart and trying to navigate your phone menus can be a hassle. There is always someone stopped in the middle of an aisle in a busy store thumbing through their smartphone because they have too many apps and can't find the Notepad. These iPhone cases from iLoveHandles are a simple solution that makes so much more sense. The paperback cases combine classic hand-written notes and technology, making it a lot easier to just flip over your phone and read what you wrote instead of taking the time to translate whatever errors T9 and autocorrect have saved. 

A package of iLoveHandles' Post-It cases contains 80 sheets for $8 so you are set for a year and a half if you're a weekly shopper or almost three months if you're one of those people who have time to go to the store everyday (or whatever else you decide to use them for). Check out more smart design products at

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