D*FACE's Latest Exhibition "New World Disorder" in London Will Bring Chaos

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Street artist Dean Stockton (a.k.a D*Face) returns to the scene of his first solo exhibition back in 2006 for another round, this time offering a bonus tour of his studio space. Showing next month at what once was the largest private gallery in London, Stolen Space Gallery, D*Face has collected works from the past seven years into an exhibition. It serves as a farewell as the gallery that at one point housed works by Shepherd Fairey, Chris Levine, and Word To Mother relocates and the studio spaces prep for demolition.

Entitled New World Disorder, the works in the exhibition pull from "shifting circumstances in the social climate" and changes in the ways that we react to, think about, and embrace or reject certain ideals as a global society. It's like a good form of chaos: "Colliding cultures are no longer receptive to the American way, the Superhero's triumph of good over evil as portrayed through the political circus is now decoded through the eyes of different cultures, weary and wary of the sub-plot played in today’s political climate where war equals brand invasion.”

In addition to the pieces shown above, the gallery space will include skateboards made from graffiti-covered school desks, World War 2 helmets, and various other pieces. D*Face's studio space above the gallery, located in the remains of the Old Truman Bowery, will also be on display for the first and last time at Stolen Space Gallery. Visitors can see some of his street stencils, sketchbooks, and footage of some of his installations in London, Melbourne, Los Angeles, and other places around the world.

Stolen Space Gallery
The Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL
June 7-23 


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