Christie's Launches an Online-Only Auction of Sports and Politics-Themed Works by Andy Warhol

This auction features photographs, sketches, drawings, and paintings of athletes and politicians that Andy Warhol worked with during his career.

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Have you always wanted to own a work by Andy Warhol, but don't have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on art right now? You may be in luck, because Christie's recently launched an online-only auction of the prolific artist's work titled "Andy Warhol @ Christie's: American Pastimes- Sports and Politics," with bidding on some prints, photographs, and sketches starting as low $1,000.

The auction features portraits of various athletes and politicians including Muhammed Ali, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Pelé, Jimmy Carter, Edward Kennedy, and Tom Seaver, as well as paintings, drawings, and sketches of Chairman Mao, Pete Rose, John Gotti, and others. "This sale presents Warhol’s relationships with many leading sports and political figures throughout his career," said Amelia Manderscheid of Christie's in a press release. She added that "American Pastimes- Sports and Politics" features Warhol's "iconic images from all 10 athletes in the athletes’ portfolio as well as many works he created to support politicians’ campaigns he believed in."

Bidding ends on September 11 so don't sleep.

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