Boo-Hooray and Gavin Brown's Enterprise Present an Exhibition of Artifacts from Cornell University's Hip-Hop Collection

Buy some of Afrika Bambaataa's records and learn more about the early days of hip-hop at the "Born in the Bronx" exhibition.

Image via Boo-Hooray

On June 26, Boo-Hooray and Gavin Brown's Enterprise will open a very important exhibition for fans of hip-hop culture and music in general. "Born in the Bronx: A Visual Record of the Early Days of Hip-Hop" features materials borrowed from Cornell University's Hip-Hop Collection, the world's largest archive of the genre with over 200,000 flyers, posters, art, records, photographs, and other materials.

The exhibition will showcase hand-written lyrics by artists including Afrika Bambaataa, hand-painted clothing by Buddy Esquire, photography from the 1983 film Wild Style by Charlie Ahearn, a sound installation of early performances from BreakBeat Lenny Roberts' collection, and live sessions by DJ Tony Tone, DJ Charlie ChaseBreakBeat Lou, Tedsmooth the Remix KingGrandWizzard Theodore & Pop Master FabelCrazy Legs & Grandmaster Caz,  DJ Jazzy Jay & DJ Rockin Rob, and others throughout the month of July.  

Artist Paul Insect will have signed silkscreened print portraits of Afrika Bambaataa for sale, and crates of records from Bambaataa's personal collection (previously merged with Cornell's collection) will also be out for visitors to dig through and purchase from during the exhibition. For more information, check the flyer above, head to the Boo-Hooray Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter for updates.

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