Terry Richardson and Former American Apparel CEO Dov Charney Get Adult Film Parodies

Have you met Harry Richardson, the porn parody equivalent of Terry Richardsons? Far as porn parodies go, this site is pretty standard in its nods to the source.

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You're nobody 'til somebody kills you... or makes a porn parody of your life. Photographer Terry Richardson's work has been compared to pornography numerous times, so it makes sense that a legit porn company would create their own parody films that focus on Richardson's not-so-standard photographer/model relations.

The site, American Pervert, hilariously promotes its content with a statement that clearly references Terry Richardson, American Apparel ex-CEO Dov Charney, and their bad reputations in the fashion industry. The site reads, "What you are about to see is super perverted. Watch as the most notorious apparel CEO and celebrity photographer bang their way through the hottest models in the fashion industry. This is American Pervert!"

The lead male actors are named Harry Richardson and POV, "CEO of the coolest, Horizontally Integrated Fashion Brand in the world." Their adventures (or so we heard) include banging models, yoga three-ways, and other hijinks that you can probably figure out from headlines like "Harry's World: Campaign Gang Bang" and "Internal Affairs."

As far as porn parodies go, this site is pretty standard in its nods to the source material, but it does get bonus points for choosing a topic and subjects that are timely and important instead of the same regurgitated parodies of Doctor Who, Star Wars, or some other popular film or television show.

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